Helpful Tips to Protect Your Eyes While Playing Sports

Now that school is out, let the summer sports begin! Many people out there either have children who play sports or play sports themselves. How many of you protect your eyes while engaging in these activities? Take it from your Indianapolis Eye Doctors, Dr. Amy Walden & Associates, it is extremely important to wear protective eyewear […]

Protect Your Eyes Ladies

When it comes to vision impairments, 2 out of 3 women suffer from some type of vision problem or eye disease. This could be because women tend to live longer than men, but whatever the reason, as women we need to protect our eyes. Take it from your Indianapolis Optometrists Dr. Amy Walden & Associates, […]

Is There An Appropriate Age For Contacts?

Every year, millions of children are diagnosed with eye problems. About 25 percent of children aged 6 to 11 have a vision impairment that requires them to wear eyeglasses. Many children have not paid a recent visit to their Lapel Eye Doctors. It is very important to have your children’s eyes checked every two years […]

Are Your Eyes Covered This Spring and Summer?

There are three types of UV rays. UV-C is absorbed by the ozone layer, which does not poses a threat. But, UV-A and UV-B radiation can be harmful to your eyes and cause short and long term effects on your eyes. These rays can affect you not only during sunny days but also on overcast […]

6 Ways Smoking Affects Your Eyes

  We were given two eyes and it is our duty to protect them the best way we can. There are many factors that can affect your vision, some are out of our control, and may happen with age or genetics. Other factors are things we do to ourselves that can lead to not only […]