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Feb 27

Healthy Food for Your Eyes

If you had a family like mine, we have all heard little fibs like “eating the crust will help you whistle” to make sure we did not waste any part …

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Feb 19

Aging and Your Eyes

Everyday we get a little bit older, and so do our eyes. Just like our hair, wrinkles, and metabolism, our eyes notice the passing years. Just like our overall health, …

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Feb 12

How Swimming Affects Your Eyes

How Swimming Affects Your Eyes With Spring Break around the corner, it is important to discuss eye safety with your Eye Doctor Indianapolis. One of the most popular spring and …

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Jan 29

How Does Weather Affect Your Eyes?

Dry Eye From Your Indianapolis Eye Car Center Dry eye can cause you eyes to feel gritty, sore, itchy, irritated, and even burning. Our  Indianapolis Eye Care Center can help …

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Jan 15

Why Does Your Eye Twitch?

Why Does Your Eye Twitch? It is very common to have your eye twitch, but it is common not to know why it happens. It comes out of nowhere, and …

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Jan 08

Your Carmel Eye Doctors

Your Carmel Eye Doctors For over 20 years, Dr. Amy Walden and Associates has been assisting patients in the Carmel Area. Our practice reaches from Carmel, Noblesville, and even to …

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Dec 22

Is Smoking Your Effecting Vision?

Many of us know that smoking can damage your lungs, heart, skin, and teeth. However, most people do not know that smoking affects your vision too! Cigarette smoke has a …

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Dec 07

11 Helpful Tips for Driving at Night

Are you like many other individuals and have difficulty or feel uncomfortable driving at night? This is a very common struggle for many people as our eyes do change at …

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Nov 14

The Extreme Effects of Blue Light on Eye and Ways to Prevent it!

Most people nowadays have some sort of mobile device that they use daily and or a flat-screen TV. Our lives tend to revolve around the use of these devices and …

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Oct 18

8 Benefits Patients Should Know About Clarifye

8 Benefits Patients Should Know About Clarifye Many people have had a fear of going to the Indianapolis Eye Doctor. These fears probably started in childhood. Whether it was the …

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Oct 11

Have You Ever Experienced Eye Floaters?

Have you ever looked up at the sky, ceiling and or wall and saw spots, specks, and webs that drift away? These pesty things are called floaters. Many people have …

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Sep 14

7 Easy Ways to Reduce Those Fussy Fall Allergies

Fall seems to have come early for many parts of the country, especially here in Indianapolis. Pretty soon we will see the leaves changing colors, bring out our jackets and …

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