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Mar 10

It’s That Time of Year Again

What a winter in Indiana this year? We got lucky with the temperatures not being as cold as normal, but with the slighter warmer temperatures, allergy season has started a …

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Mar 03

Glaucoma: Do You Know The Facts?

You may have heard the word Glaucoma before, but probably thought it was only something that affected smokers. This is not true. Anyone can get glaucoma, whether you smoke or …

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Feb 29

5 Helpful Tips To Care For Your Eye When Wearing Makeup

Many women choose to wear makeup, whether it’s for fun, to feel more beautiful or if it’s for a costume. Whatever the reason, there are many options for them to …

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Feb 21

Common Symptoms and Facts About Dry Eyes

With the allergy season starting earlier this year, due to warmer temperatures across Indiana, how do you know if it is allergies or dry eyes? Allergy season typically starts in …

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Feb 18

Lack of Zzzzz’s Can Irritate Your Eyes

Your eyes are getting heavy, you feel tired, but you can’t seem to catch some zzzz’s. With today’s fast-paced world, it seems to be the norm to not get enough …

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Feb 08

Could it Be Pink Eye?

Does your little one have redness, discharge, itchy or swollen eyelids? Could they have Conjunctivitis, which is also referred to as pink eye? This is one of the most common …

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Jan 05

10 Important Tips To Keep Your Eyes Healthy

Every year, many people will make new years resolutions at the beginning of the new year. Whether it is to change your diet, exercise regularly or stay positive, maintaining good …

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Dec 16

7 Tips For College Students to Care For Thier Eyes

7 Tips For College Students to Care For Thier Eyes College students have enough pressure in their life such as classes, studying, working and meeting deadlines. But their eyes also …

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Dec 03

Tips to Protect Your Eyes From The Winter Sun

It’s that time of year again in Indiana when most of us feel like hibernating for a few months. But as relaxing as that sounds, we all know we still …

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Nov 10

Why It Is So Important to Receive Proper Contact Lens Measurements & Fittings

Wouldn’t it be if nice contact lenses were all one size? Well, just like one shoe size doesn’t fit everyone, neither do contact lenses. This would make most people’s lives …

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Nov 02

Easy Tips To Protect Your Eyes At Home, Work & In Play

Did you know that nearly half of all serious eye injuries take place in or around the home? The good news is, a vast majority of these can be prevented …

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Oct 19

7 Myths About Eyes Revealed

Should I Eat Carrots For My Eyes? Does Reading In The Dark Harm My Eyes? Have you ever wondered how many of the eye myths were true that you heard …

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