Easy Tips To Protect Your Eyes At Home, Work & In Play

Did you know that nearly half of all serious eye injuries take place in or around the home? The good news is, a vast majority of these can be prevented with proper precaution. We all cook, clean, work in our yard and try do it yourself projects, along with home repairs. But do we take into consideration the dangers that these duties can cause to our eyes? Dr. Amy Walden & Associates, Your Noblesville Eye Doctor has some tips and tricks for keeping your eyes safe at home.

Do You Have Safety Goggles?

Wearing protective eyeware can reduce your risk of an eye injury by a whopping 90%. But how many people actually own a pair and take a step further to use them? Many people may not own them, or know where they are in their home. So when they are in a quick hurry, they forget to put them on, not realizing the risk they are taking with each project they are working on.

Times When You Should Wear Eye Protection In Your Home

  • Use of dangerous or hazardous chemicals – I’m sure most of us have used chemicals or bleach to either clean items around the house or while working on the laundry. These chemicals not only can be dangerous if swallowed but also can cause damage to your eyes. They can burn and cause permanent damage if overexposed and undertreated. Do you think chemists forget to wear their safety glasses? Probably not, therefore when you are dealing with chemicals or solvents, then your eyes will be protected from any harmful items.
  • Flying Debris – Whether you are mowing the yard, weed whacking, cutting wood, trimming, building items with the kids, flying particles may float into the air and if your eyes are not protected, they can enter them as well. Can you imagine if you ran over something with your lawnmower and it flew into your eye unexpectedly? These objects/debris will be coming at your eye full speed, not only would it hurt but it will cause tremendous damage to your eye and vision.
  • Using Power Tools – If these are improperly used they too can be a hazard. If they are dropped or used carelessly, they can cause injury to your body or eyes. Malfunction can also cause nails, screws, etc to possibly extract and it is uncertain where they can land.
  • Activities – When playing sports, especially basketball you are prone to eye injuries because of the intense physical activity. Elbows or fingernails to the face/eye are common, so even when playing sports it is important to protect your eyes.

Some household items that may cause eye injuries are:

    • Ammonia, toilet bowl cleaner, bleach and drain cleaner
    • Glass polish and over cleaner
    • Vinegar
    • Chemicals in cement and plaster
    • Hydrochloric acid
    • Fertilizer and pesticides

Common Symptoms Of Damage Caused By Not Wearing Protective Eyeware:

    • Blurry eyesight or loss of vision
    • Eye pain or pain when you look at light
    • Red or watery eye
    • Cloudy eye
    • Eyelid swollen or twitching
    • Cuts, bumps, or other damage on your eye
    • Enlarged pupil

Contact your Noblesville Eye Doctor If You Have Questions About Eye Safety

The safest way to perform any of the above activities is to always protect your eyes. Although they may seem like daily activities, there is a risk and it’s better to be safe then sorry. If you have any questions on what type of safety glasses to wear or where to buy them, contact your Noblesville Eye Doctor, Dr. Amy Walden & Associates for any questions you have.

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