Why It Is So Important to Receive Proper Contact Lens Measurements & Fittings

Wouldn’t it be if nice contact lenses were all one size? Well, just like one shoe size doesn’t fit everyone, neither do contact lenses. This would make most people’s lives much easier, but unfortunately, everyone’s eyes are different and each individual person needs to have their eyes measured for proper fitting of their contacts. It is best to schedule an appointment with your Indianapolis Optometrists when switching from glasses to contact lenses. Each person has a different prescription, therefore measurements are critical for multiple reasons.

Are My Contacts The Right Size?

Your contact lenses need to be measured to ensure not only comfortability but also for the overall health of your eye. Contact lenses sit directly on the cornea, that is why the measurements need to be 100% accurate. If they are not, your eye could experience eye irritation and potential vision impairments. If they are not fitted properly, you may feel a scratching when you blink. This sounds painful just thinking about it.

Why You Need To Get Your Eyes Measured

Each person has different reasons why they need contact lenses. Not only are people’s eyes shaped differently, but their astigmatism is different as well. They may be mild or severe. They may have steep or shallow corneas also. The curvature of the contact lens needs to fit your eye perfectly. Therefore your Indianapolis Optometrists will measure your eye’s curvature. If the curvature of a contact lens is too flat or too steep for your eye’s shape, your eyes could become irritated and potential eye diseases can occur. Depending on the measurements of the tests, your eye doctor will be able to choose the proper curve and size for your contact lenses.

Your Indianapolis Optometrists will also need an accurate measurement of your pupil. They will perform a test to determine the opening at the front of the eye where light enters in and also on the iris, which is the colored part of your eye. This test is fairly simple and is either performed using a card or an automated device. A film evaluation may be performed on some patients to determine if you have dry eyes or not. All of these tests are crucial before committing to purchasing any contact lenses. You not only want them to fit properly, but you also do not want your eyes to become irritated or have any other eye problems that can cause damage down the road.

Fitting Of Your Contact Lenses

Once all of your measurement tests are taken, your Indianapolis Optometrists will know now the type and shape of what contact lenses you will need. A trial pair of contacts are usually given to patients in which they can try on to see how well they will fit. A biomicroscope will be used to view the cornea of the eyes, to see how they fit. Once you have been fitted for the proper lenses, you will have follow up visits to determine the health of your eyes with these contact lenses. If everything is going smoothly and the contact lenses are working properly with your eyes, a permanent prescription will be ordered.

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It is very important to not bypass these steps if you want to keep your eyes healthy. Your eye doctor is available each step of the way and wants to make sure your contact lenses not only fit and feel comfortable but that your eyes stay healthy. Your Indianapolis Optometrists Dr. Amy Walden & Associates are here to help! Contact us today so you can see a world without glasses,

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