Throw Away That Old Makeup

Some items such as canned goods can be kept in your home for months and years. However, makeup is not one of those household items that you should keep around after 6 months. Even if the makeup looks fine, it does not mean there is not some sort of bacteria or that it is still clean from germs after 6 months. If you keep your make up for too long, you can develop a possible eye infection.

Store in a Cool Area

Another tip from your Gesit Optometrist: always store your make up at room temperature. Storing in a warm place can have the potential of the makeup developing bacteria, etc. Do not leave these items in your car in the Spring or Summer heat, it is best to store in a cooler area.

Keep Your Face and Products Clean

Keep in mind that just as you wash your clothes and hair, you should always clean your make up brushes and applicators. It is best to at least rinse them off at the end of the day. Another important tip is to wash your make up off at the end of the day. This will help prevent eye infections from forming. Try not to sleep with makeup on at all if you can avoid this.

Do Not Share With Others

We know most women share their clothes, hair accessories, etc., but makeup is one of those items to keep to yourself. Some people may carry an eye infection such as pink eye or have a stye and may not be aware of it right away. It is best to keep your germs to yourself. If you insist on using other peoples, try and use a Q-Tip or cotton ball to avoid directly applying this to your eye.

Beware of Your Allergies

Seasonal allergies are a huge problem for many people’s eyes. Just as dust, grass, weeds, and pollen can affect your eyes, certain products in makeup can also have an impact on your eyes. If you ever experience redness, swollen eyes or itching after you apply your makeup, remove it immediately and discontinue use. These symptoms can indicate that you are allergic to an ingredient within the makeup.

Apply With Care

Be gentle when applying make up to your eyes. The risk of injuring your eye while applying makeup is easy. If you are in the car while someone is driving and they possibly hit or bump or move suddenly, you can risk harming/poking your eye. Try not to apply makeup while in the car. Also, be gentle when you apply your make up. Do not apply it with pressure as you can harm your eye.

Visit your Geist Optometrist if you are Experiencing Any Symptoms After Applying Makeup To Your Eyes

All of these make up tips will help your overall eye health. If you ever feel like you have had a reaction to the make up you applied, please contact your Geist Optometrist, Dr. Amy Walden & Associates for any questions or to make an appointment to have your eye checks. If your symptoms do not get any better, this may be the sign of an infection and it best to contact your eye doctor immediately.