How Does Weather Affect Your Eyes?

Dry Eye From Your Indianapolis Eye Car Center

Dry eye can cause you eyes to feel gritty, sore, itchy, irritated, and even burning. Our  Indianapolis Eye Care Center can help you learn why this is happening. Heating your house during the colder months can tend to diminish the humidity in the air. The lack of humidity in the air can cause your eyes to dry out. Not only does humidity dry our your eyes, so does staring at television, phone, and computer screens. We tend to stay indoors during the winter months, to stay warm. This leads to spending more and more time in front of these dangerous screens.

Your eye’s tear film has three separate layers: a very thin mucus layer, an alkaline watery layer, and a slow evaporating oily layer. When ever you blink, you renew your tear film. Lack of blinking, caused by staring at computer screens, can cause tired dry eyes. If your eyes tend to get irritated in the winter from the humidity, you can run a humidifier to increase the humidity in your home.

How Can Our Indianapolis Eye Care Center Protect Your Eyes?

Without even knowing it, you are leaving your eyes vulnerable to dry eyes most of the year. When the temperatures dip below 86 degrees, symptoms of dry become are increasingly more likely. Not only are your eyes affected by the temperature, they are also affected by the wind. During the windy Indianapolis days dust, smoke, and pollutions can be picked up and get into your eyes.

Ways to protect your eyes: 

  • Prescription glasses and sunglasses offer some protection; however, this does not prevent all wind or pollutants from getting around your glasses.
  • Ski goggles are a must for outdoor winter activities, to prevent high wind, snow, and ice from entering your eyes.
  • Clean water and first aid-kit to flush the eye, if contaminants enter your eye.
  • Warp-around glasses that keep wind and contaminants from getting around everyday glasses.
  • Allergy medication for seasonal allergies.
  • Washing your face to remove excess allergens.
  • Artificial tears to replenish the lack of natural tears.

Indianapolis Eye Care CenterOther Conditions Explained by Our Indianapolis Eye Care Center

Winter weather can also cause excessive excessive tearing . This excess of tears can make your vision blurry. When clearing your eyes from these extra tears, be sure to use a clean cloth to avoid spreading germs that could lead to an infection.

If you are outside in extremely cold weather, do not force your eyes to stay open. The cornea (the outer most lens) could freeze. When your cornea freezes, you can have systems of blurry vision, spasms, and sensitivity to light. If there is a strong burning sensation or extreme eye pain, reach out to your eye care doctor as soon as possible! You can also avoid exposing your eyes to these extreme temperatures by wearing glasses or googles.

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