Have You Heard of Clarifye?

Indianapolis Eye Exam Performed in a New Advanced Way With Clarifye

When is the last time you had an eye exam? Hopefully, you have had an exam within the last year and sooner if you were in need of any prescription changes. Times have changed and so has technology. Indianapolis Eye Exam has not changed in decades, until now. If it has been a while since your last eye exam, you will be happy to know that with Clarifye your eye exam is more precise and is a lot easier than in the past.

Clarifye Maps the Fingerprint of Your Eye

clarifyeClarifye is advanced, digital equipment that maps the fingerprint of your eye. This eye profiler is so precise that it allows your doctor to gather five times more information about your vision. With the eye profiler, we can get down to .01 of a diopter.  The lens profiler allows us to get a digital read on the patient’s previous prescription. The visuphor allows your eye doctor to determine the optimal prescription for each patient. It also allows your eye doctor to compare the old and new prescriptions at an instant. The patients can then view what the eye doctor saw right away on a tablet.

Clarifye is fast!

Did we mention how quick this process is? No more bulky equipment and loaded questions, with Clarifye your digital measurement can be completed in 60 seconds. This alone is one of the most exciting parts for our patients. Many people dread the Indianapolis Eye Exam, but with Clarifye, the process is quick and painless for our patients.

In the past, your doctor would set up a machine, perform a variety of tests, ask a lot of questions, such as which lenses is better and/or can you read this line? Now with Clarifye, the guesswork of exams is eliminated. Your new exam will be more precise and the digital lens matter measures your current prescription. With these calculations, this gives your eye doctor a more accurate starting point at the beginning of your exam. This new technology maps the curvature of your cornea and shows any changes that occurs in your eyes, it even shows the differences between your day and night vision.

Advantages of Clarifye

Using Clarifye has many advantages for you and your eye doctor. A more in depth look into your eyes, gives your doctor better results.

  • Precise measurements
  • One of the most advanced technologies used in the eye care industry
  • Reveals differences in day and night vision
  • The digital measurement takes around 60 seconds. This is one of the fastest measurement devices around.
  • A comprehensive overview of your eye health
  • Early diagnosis and management of eye health and medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, macular degeneration, cataracts and other health issues

Make A Child’s First Indianapolis Eye Exam a Cool Experience with Clarifye

Many kids do not enjoy eye exams and some have a hard time sitting still during their Indianapolis Eye Exam. With Clarifye, the eye exam is quick and we can instantly share the results with you and your child. They will be able to view what the eye doctor saw on a tablet after the exam has taken place. Most kids would think this whole process is pretty neat to see.

With the advancement of Clarifye, eye exams have been changed forever. You can now save more time when scheduling your next eye exam. This technology is a fast process, with more precise results, which is a benefit to all patients. Why would you choose any other type of technology for your next Indianapolis Eye Exam? Please contact Dr. Amy Walden & Associated to answer any of your questions on Clarifye.

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