Helping your Child Adjust to Wearing Their Glasses

Many parents find out that their child needs glasses and it can be a bit overwhelming. As an adult, you understand the reasons why you need to wear glasses and how it will improve your vision. But a child does not understand and may feel uncomfortable when they first hear they need glasses. Getting Indianapolis Eyeglasses can take a child a while to get used to it.

A child most likely needs to wear eyeglasses because:

  • To improve their overall vision, so they can function doing their day to day activities
  • Help strengthen a “lazy” eye
  • Protect the health of one eye, if the other is having poor vision
  • To straighten “strabismus” or crossed eyes

02G61863Did you know that 1 in every 4 elementary-aged children have undetected vision problems? A vast majority of school-aged children experience learning disabilities because of their vision issues. Taking your child to the doctor and having a yearly eye exam can help eliminate many of these issues. Eyeglasses can be a simple correction, which will not only improve their vision, but restore their confidence. They will now be able to focus on their school work, improve their reading skills, view the white board easier and on sports or other activities.

Getting Indianapolis Eyeglasses for the first time for a child can be quite an adjustment. It is best to make the whole experience positive and get your child excited about the new eyeglasses.

Tips For Introducing Your Child To Indianapolis Eyeglasses

Make the experience a happy and healthy one: Find a time to take your child to look for glasses when they are well-rested and in a happy mood. This will help make the process a bit easier all around.

Let them pick out the new frames: Before you come into the eye doctor, browse online and let your child pick out the style and color of their new frames. That way when you come to your appointment we can show you similar styles and colors to make the process a bit earlier.

Choose the right glasses: Make sure they fit well on their face and they are comfortable for them. This increases the probability of them wearing them without hesitation. Also make try to purchase a frame that is durable, since your child may chew on them and or drop them.

Share others who wear glasses: Show your child photos of familiar faces that they may have seen on tv or in the music industry who wear glasses. Let them know that many people wear glasses and they look good in them. Explain how they could not do their job if they did not.

Talk to your child about how to react to others pointing out their glasses: Teach them how to react to others opinions, whether they are positive or not. Kids can be tough on their classmates when something changes about their appearance. Many children like glasses because it is something different and people notice the change on them.

Make it a routine: Try and get your child to wear their glasses on a normal day to day routine. Praise them when they wear them on their own. Compliment them as well and make them aware that they are trying and do not nag or use negative punishment if they struggle with the process. The key is to make this experience positive and helpful. You do not want to have them wearing their Indianapolis Eyeglasses and the overall process in a negative manner.

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At first, this is a big change for your child, but with encouragement and excitement, your child should begin to understand the importance of wearing their Indianapolis Eyeglasses. This may be a gradual process, but every step helps and is one step closer to your child’s overall eye health. Schedule your child’s appointment with Dr. Amy Walden & Associates today!

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