5 Helpful Tips For Contact Users

Summer is upon us and we tend to spend more time outside, playing sports or taking vacations. It seems like when the weather is nicer out, people tend to get busier with life. Although we have busier schedules we cannot forget to take care of our eyes, as these are something we should not take for granted. If you wear contact lenses, sometimes it may seem easier to leave them in when you are doing certain day-to-day activities. This could actually harm your eyes in the long run if they aren’t meant to be worn long or if these activities involve certain items. If your contacts are meant to be worn for long time use, it is ok to leave them in for the duration that your eye doctor prescribed. However, if you are swimming, showering or sleeping, it is best to remove your contacts. Today, your Westfield Eye Doctors, Dr. Amy Walden & Associates wanted to share some helpful tips for people who wear contact lenses during the Summer months:

5 Helpful Tips if you wear Contact Lenses:

Wear Sunglasses

When you are driving or outdoors, even for a short time, it is important to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes. Not only will the UV rays damage your eyes, but also they can dry out your contacts, which can cause them to harden as they dry out. This not only can affect your eyes but can also cause you pain as well. Choose a pair of sunglasses that are 100 UV protected.

Purchase Daily Lenses

Your Westfield Eye Doctors recommends daily lenses for summer fun! These lenses do the trick for the summertime and provide you with less hassle of the long-term use contacts. They tend to be more sanitary and are always moist and do not dry out. Since they are for single uses, you can toss them out after you wear them. You do not have to worry about losing them or bringing your carrying case when you are traveling.

Do Not Wear Contact Lenses in the Water

Whether you are taking a shower, swimming in the pool, or a lake or ocean, avoid wearing your contact lenses in any of these examples. Think about the items that can get in your eyes when you are in the shower. The possibility of getting shampoo, conditioner, soap or even shaving cream in your eyes, can not only hurt but also damage your lenses. There are all kinds of bacteria in lakes and bodies of water that you want to avoid getting in your eyes. This can grow on your contact lenses and cause an infection. The salt can dry out your contact lenses also. Wear a pair of goggles to protect your eyes while swimming or treading in the water.

Always Carry Eye Drops

Whether you will be outside laying at the pool, beach or outside all day playing sports or working in the yard, the summer sun and heat can dry out your eyes. It is best to always have some extra lubricant eye drops with you. Applying a few quick drops can help moisten your eyes and avoid drying them out. Visiting your Westfield Eye Doctors can help when it comes to getting the best drops for your eyes.

Take it Easy on Your Eyes

It is ok to wear your glasses from time to time to give your eyes a break from your contact lenses. Whether it is at night when you are done with your activities for the day or whatever works best for you, it is good to give them a break from the contact lenses. Also, avoid sitting in front of fans or letting the air conditioner blow directly on you. This can also cause your contact lenses to dry out, which can cause discomfort.

Talk to your Westfield Eye Doctors if your contacts are bothering you this summer

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These helpful tips can help maintain your vision and also protect your eyes while doing summer activities. If you have any further questions about contact lenses, feel free to reach out to your Westfield Eye Doctors, Dr. Amy Walden & Associates today.

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