6 Myths About Contact Lenses

Contact Tips from your Indianapolis Eye Doctor

Putting something foreign into your eye can seem like a daunting task at first; it’s easy to think it’s a complicated process. We’re here to tell you it’s not! With improving technology, it’s becoming easier and easier to have perfect vision without the hassle of eyeglasses! If you’re ready to make the switch from glasses to contacts, contact Indianapolis Eye Doctor Dr. Amy Walden & Associates today to learn more. We’re debunking common contact myths, so you can make the switch with confidence.

They’re expensive, I don’t want to pay that much!

Contact lenses used to be more expensive than a pair of glasses, but now they cost about the same. A year’s worth of two-week disposables cost about the same as one pair of eyeglasses.

They’re Uncomfortable

Today’s soft lenses are very comfortable. New styles allow oxygen into your eyes, keeping them hydrated throughout the day. Once you get used to the feeling, you’ll forget you even have them in!

I have an unusual prescription, I can’t wear them

There are special contacts made for tricky prescriptions. Whether you have astigmatism or need bifocal lenses, your Indianapolis Eye Doctor will work with you to find the right lens for your eyes.

It will get lost in my eye

There’s a thin membrane (called the conjunctiva) that forms a barrier between your eyelid and eyeball preventing the lens to move to the back of your eye.

Contacts will give me an infection

Most of the problems with contact lenses usually can be blamed on improper handling, poor hygiene, and wearing them beyond the recommended period of time.

They are too much of a hassle

While contact lenses do require maintenance, it doesn’t take long to properly care for them. There are also disposable daily contacts that allow the wearer to start with a fresh pair every day and require no maintenance.

Visit your Indianapolis Eye Doctor About Making The Switch To Contacts

The key to success with contact lenses is to listen to your Indianapolis Eye Doctor and pay attention to the manufacturer’s instructions. If you take care of your contacts, you shouldn’t have any problems and be able to enjoy your new improved vision without the hassle of glasses! If you Still have questions, just Click here to make an appointment with you Indianapolis Eye Doctor at Dr. Amy Walden and Associates!


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