Are Spring Allergies Hurting Your Eyes?

There is a huge percentage of the population that has an eye disease. More common eye diseases are seasonal allergies. When an allergic reaction takes place, your eyes are possibly overreacting to something your eye perceived as harmful, even though it may not be. These substances are called allergens. Allergens can come in many different forms from pet dander to dust to wool. If your eyes have been itchy and watery lately, you may be suffering from spring allergies. Visiting Lapel Eye Doctor Dr. Amy Walden & Associates can help you find relief from your spring allergies.

I Never Had Allergies Before

Across Indianapolis, we have started one of the worst allergy seasons. Spring has officially sprung and with spring’s arrival, trees and plants have begun to blossom. As a result, these trees, as well as grass and flowers, have released huge amounts of airborne pollen. So, how do you know if you are suffering from eye allergies?

Symptoms of eye allergies include the following:

  • Eyes are watery
  • Eyes tend to itch
  • Eyes are irritatingly red
  • Eyes are sore
  • Eyes are swollen
  • Eyes sting

How To Treat Spring Eye Allergies

Get skin-tested – see what you are allergic to and try to avoid that specific allergen.

Pay attention to when you are outside – There are times of a day that are best to avoid pollen. During the morning pollen counts are minimal. Temperature and moisture change and stay high during most of the day, so by the evening allergens are at their worst. If you can, try to get your errands done or jog earlier in the day to avoid those red swollen eyes.

Wear protective eyewear – Getting sunglasses that cover the corners of your eyes can be beneficial to reducing the amount of pollen that reaches the surface of your eyes. In addition, wearing a wide-brimmed hat can also be beneficial.

Use artificial tears – Artificial tears help flush out pollen that may accumulate on the surface of your eyes. If possible, wear glasses instead of contacts since contact lenses can trap the pollen.

Use solution – If you don’t have a pair of eyeglasses, visit your Lapel Eye Doctors Dr. Amy Walden and Associates offices to get some! However, if your contacts are irritating your eyes, due to allergens, try refreshing your contacts with a solution.

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