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No matter your age or genetics, it is always a good idea to routinely get your eyes checked out. Come to Dr. Amy & Associates to get your yearly Eye Exam Noblesville. All of our equipment is top-of-the-line and all of our optometrists are highly-skilled and qualified. If you are interested in booking an appointment with us, contact us today!  

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Why Routine Eye Exams are Important

Has it been over a year since you had your last eye exam? Does eyesight degeneration run in your family? Are you having difficulty seeing things up close or far away? If you said yes to any of these questions then you should schedule your Eye Exam Noblesville appointment today! You might need a new prescription for glasses or contacts. 

If you don’t use any vision impairment aid, such as glasses or contact, and have difficulty seeing, you could put yourself and others at risk. Driving behind the wheel of a car, unable to see three feet in front of you could cause car accidents, harm to pedestrians, or you could get lost. This isn’t good for anyone, so you might want to schedule your eye exam with us to ensure that you are keeping yourself and others safe. 

Another reason you should schedule an eye exam with Dr. Amy Walden & Associates is that a decrease in eyesight could indicate other health issues in your body. Vision impairment has been linked to diabetes, lupus, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, glaucoma, and macular degeneration. Untreated vision impairment can also lead to migraines or headaches. Your field of vision is constantly adjusting to see far away or up close and can trigger a retinal migraine.  When you come to us, we can help determine if you have any of these because of the different kinds of tests we run during a routine eye exam, however, if we discover any of these health conditions we recommend you go to your general practitioner or a specialist to get a proper diagnosis.  

With the start of a new school year, kids are coming back to school and ready to learn, but did you know that poor vision could affect your child’s learning? About 1 in 4 children have problems seeing the board in the classroom. It’s important to get your child’s eyes examined routinely to ensure that they can learn everything they need and have the proper tools to succeed. 

If you or someone in your household needs to get their eyes examined, check out our website and schedule your appointment today! 

Signs You Might Need to Get an Eye Exam Noblesville 

If you have never had any issues with your vision it might be hard for you to notice that you need glasses or contact lenses. Here are a few ways you can determine if you need to get checked out.

  • Blurred or Distorted Images
    If you look at a tree and can’t see the leaves or you can’t see the license plate of the car in front of you, you might need to get your eyes checked out. Sometimes this can be due to old age or genetics. It is okay if things don’t look as sharp or clear as they used to. Come get your eyes examined to get a new prescription and glasses or contact lenses at Dr. Amy & Associates.
  • Black spots or Eye Floaters Start Appearing
    If either of these start showing up in your vision you need to get checked out immediately. You might think that this is normal but this could be an indication of glaucoma or could be an issue with your retina. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.
  • Double Vision
    Double vision is a common side effect when your vision is impaired. This could also be a sign of age macular degeneration or other health issues, so don’t waste any time setting your appointment up with us.
  • Night Blindness
    Night blindness is exactly what it sounds like! You might experience night blindness if you can’t see well at night or in low lighting. This could be a sign of a vitamin A deficiency or you are developing cataracts. This can be easily corrected with glasses or contact. All you need to do is set up an appointment with Dr. Amy & Associates and we will get you taken care of. 


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Dr. Amy Walden is the best optometrist for getting a routine Eye Exam Noblesville service. When seeing our patients, we use the most advanced equipment in eye exams and eye care. If you are in need of getting your eyes checked out for your health or to make sure your vision is still 20/20 then contact Dr. Amy Walden & Associates to schedule your next appointment.

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