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Dr. Amy Walden & Associates have been serving the Fishers area for optometry needs for almost 20 years. Our board-certified optometrists, are available to answer all of your eye care concerns and questions that you may have. Whether your vision is in need of correction, you’ve experienced sudden vision loss or distortion, or are in need of a routine exam our optometrists are here to help. At our Fishers location, our Optometrists have the most-advanced technology to detect any of these issues for your optimal health.

By visiting your Fishers optometrist at least once a year, it’s easier to detect any changes in your vision or diagnose a larger problem. A periodic eye exam, can reveal underlying health issues long before other symptoms are present, this is why it’s important to check out our Fishers location for your eye care needs.

Comprehensive Eye Exams

We offer eye exams for all ages. It’s never to early to have your child’s eyes examined to prevent any possible vision problems. Our comprehensive exams include standard refraction and a retinal screening to check the overall health of your eyes. We have state-of-the-art technology to diagnose a wide array of eye diseases, conditions and problems. These eye exams can detect any vision impairments and eye threatening diseases. Our exams will also be a good time to review your eye glass or contact lenses prescription needs.

These exams will be approximately an hour to an hour and a half. During this time, your optometrist will also perform a medical evaluation. You will also have a series of tests performed on your eyes. Keep in mind, these eye exams do not hurt, but you can expect to have air blown in your eyes and bright lights coming your way.

If you haven’t had an eye exam in the past 12 to 24 months, contact your Fishers Optometrist to schedule an appointment today.

Eye Glass Fittings

After your optometrist has determined you are in need of a pair of eye glasses, our staff will be ready to assist to find the perfect pair just for your eyes. There are a few items to consider when picking out new eye glass frames. Treatment, design, and material are the three components that make up a pair of prescription lenses. When choosing an eye glass frame, the shape of your face is one of the key elements. Our Fishers optometrists know what frames compliment each face shape and skin tone. The frames should also provide comfort to your face. Our staff will make sure they fit comfortable on your nose and do not slip down your face. Pupil position is also considered when being fitted for your eye glasses. Everyone has a different Pupillary Distance (PD). Due to this, it’s important that the opticians make sure your lenses are properly aligned with your eyes. At our Fishers Lenscrafters locations, we have a wide variety of frames to choose from and our optometrists are always available for questions you may have. Stop in our Fishers office today for your eyeglass needs.

Contact Lens Fitting

Prior to your contact lens prescription, your optometrist will need to determine what level of vision correction your eyes require. They will determine the level of your nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism. This test is performed by placing a series of different lenses in front of your eyes. Depending on what type of lens you choose, they may be changed daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Our optometrists will fit you for a variety of contact lenses from disposable to colored, making sure you get a pair that best fits you and your vision needs! Any further contact lens questions can be answered by your Fishers optometrist.

Noblesville Eye Doctor


Have you dreamt of not having to wear your eye glasses or contact lenses anymore? Are you looking to dramatically change you vision? Dr. Amy Walden and Associates works with TLC Laser Eye Centers to provide our customers the best LASIK surgery options available. As your Fishers Optometrists, we know your eyes better than anyone else and play a vital role in providing you the best LASIK care.

We work with TLC Laser Eye Centers because they have safety in minds, when performing your vision improvements. TLC are North America’s largest LASIK provider, having performed more than 2.2 million laser vision correction procedures in over 20 years.

Here are 5 benefits of LASIK:

  • Vision Improvement
  • Long-lasting results
  • Quick results and fast recovery
  • No more eye glasses
  • No more contact lenses

Just like at Dr. Amy Walden and Associates, TLC cares about your eyes. Their Lifetime Commitment® ensures that if your eyes change down the road, there will be a no-charge, same-technology enhancement procedure provided for life.

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