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If you are looking for a McCordsville Eye Doctor, Dr. Amy Walden & Associates have two locations near you. We offer eye care services at our Noblesville and Broad Ripple locations. At either location, we offer similar services for you and your family. We welcome new McCordsville patients at either of our locations.

McCordsville Eye Doctor

Experienced McCordsville Eye Doctor

With a complete staff of optometrists and trained technical support, Dr. Amy Walden & Associates are committed to providing you the most prominent eye care services in the McCordsville area. Whether you need a comprehensive eye exam or a surgical procedure, our experienced staff is here to assist with all of your eye care services.

Services Performed by Our McCordsville Eye Doctor Include:

  • Comprehensive Eye Exams
  • Eyeglass Fittings
  • Contact Lens Measurements/Fittings
  • Sunglass Prescriptions
  • Diagnosis tests for eye diseases such as Cataracts, Macular Degenerations, Diabetic Retinopathy
  • Retinal Screenings
  • Pediatric Eye Services
  • Eye Care Treatment for: Eye infections, Allergies, Pink Eye, etc.
  • Accepting New McCordsville Patients
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Comprehensive Eye Exams From our McCordsville doctor

It is very important for our McCordsville patients to have comprehensive eye exams. They are just as important as having a physical from your primary care doctor. Regular eye exams are important for your overall health. Many vision problems go undetected, as many do not show any symptoms. That is why early detection is key to saving your eyes from further problems down the road.

During your comprehensive eye exam, your medical history will be evaluated and discussed with your McCordsville Eye Doctor. Questions such as your family history, prescriptions you are taking and work environment will be asked.

A visual acuity will be assessed. This test uses the Snellen chart and you will read letters from 20 feet away. A refraction test is performed to check for any refractive error that your eyes may have. If needed, this test will determine what lens you will need. Other tests such as depth perception, eye pressure, eye movement, peripheral vision and baseline colors will be concluded. Your eyes will be dilated to evaluate the retina, lens and back of the eye also. A full examination of the outer eye will performed as well.

After all of the tests are performed and the findings are reviewed, your eye doctor will go over in detail the overall health of your eyes and determine what treatment plan, if any need to be taken. We allow our McCordsville patients plenty of time to discuss any issues they are having so we can get them back on track.

Eyeglasses at our McCordsville Eye Doctor

We know the importance of having the right fit for your eyeglasses. Not only do you want them to feel comfortable on your face, but you want them to look good as well. We offer a wide variety of eyeglasses for all ages, taste preferences and lifestyles. Many of our glasses can also be ready in one hour. This is all dependent on your lens prescriptions and availability. Before you arrive to our location, you can view the Lenssimulator tool. The Lenssimulator will ask a few questions and also verify your prescription specifications. You can also browse the LensCrafter’s “Find Your Look” tool to find the right options just for you. This is a great tool for all of our McCordsville patients to check out before their visit.

Contact Lens Fittings at Our McCorsdville Eye Doctor Facility

Our McCordsville Eye Doctor offers contact lens fittings and measurements at our locations. Since everyone has a different shape to their eyes, not all contact lens fit the same. We will measure your eyes and also find the best lens for your prescription and lifestyle needs. To determine the best fit, we measure the curvature of the eye, curvature of the cornea, size of the pupil, measure the diameter of the iris. We may also evaluate your body’s ability to produce tears. Our McCordsville doctor offers a variety of contact lens to choose from, whether you have been wearing glasses for 30 years or are new to the glasses and contacts world, our team is here to help through the entire process.

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Our main goal is to offer quality vision services in a comfortable and relaxed environment. If you live in the McCordsville area and wonder if Dr. Amy Walden and Associates are in-network, view a list of providers on our Insurance Info page. For your convenience you can schedule an appointment online or you can contact our office at (317) 770-1633 for our Noblesville location or (317) 259-7552 . Many of your questions can be answered in our FAQ’s or if you would like to talk to a staff member about anything, we will be glad to assist in anyway that we can. Before you head into our office, check out our online coupons to save on your first appointment with Dr. Amy Walden and Associates. Our McCordsville Eye Doctor is looking forward to meeting you!

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