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When getting your routine yearly eye exam done, consider getting an Optomap Indianapolis eye exam. There are a lot of benefits to getting this exam done and comes highly recommended. If you decide to get this exam done, you should consider coming to see Dr. Amy Walden & Associates at LensCrafters. 

We look out for our patients and want to give them the best care possible. We provide optometry services in two locations– Noblesville and Indianapolis. If you are looking to do your yearly eye exam, or have issues with your current prescription, Dr. Amy Walden and her associates at LensCrafters would love to meet with you. To set up an appointment with one of our optometrists, call us at (317)-770-1633 for our Noblesville/ Fishers location, or at (317)-259-7552 for our Broad Ripple/ Indianapolis location.  

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What is an Optomap Eye Exam? 

Have you ever gotten an eye exam done, and before you see the doctor, the nurse will take you to a small room with a few different machines in it? One of the machines you are probably most familiar with is one that you have to place your eye against a dark “keyhole”, and then a sudden flash of light occurs and takes a 200 degree picture of your eye. This is an Optomap eye exam, and what it does is it’ll dilate your pupil and detect potential threats to your eye’s health. 

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5 Reasons Why You Should Get an Optomap Indianapolis Once a Year 

Some people are deterred from getting additional eye exams done for various reasons. These reasons could range anywhere from their insurance potentially not covering the exam, to not feeling like the exam is necessary. Here are a few reasons why you should reconsider getting an Optomap Indianapolis exam done at your next eye appointment:

1. Gives More In-Depth Information 

Optomap eye exams give more information and imaging than a regular eye dilation test. It will digitally scan your retina to provide a clearer diagnosis, from lesions to diseases, that other eye exams simply cannot scan for. 

2. Early Eye Disease Detection 

This type of eye exam can detect ocular and systemic diseases that include, but are not limited to: macular degeneration, retinal detachments, retinal holes and hypertension in the eye. These diseases can be detected before you start feeling the symptoms and if it is caught early on it will save you a lot of discomfort and potentially permanent damage to your vision. 

3. Detects Lesions 

Eye lesions are usually found on the eyelid, and can cause discomfort and vision impairment; however, the eye lesions that Optomap eye exams detect are found in your retina. These lesions could be anything from tumorous, infectious or degenerative, so it is important to get it checked out. 

4. Catch Signs of  Eye Damage 

Eyesight degeneration is common and has many different causes. What the Optomap eye exam can determine is if your eyesight degeneration is due to diabetes. Vision impairment is a common side effect when you first develop diabetes, you may not even realize you have diabetes when the degeneration happens. Although it is still recommended if this is a result from your exam you should still be seen by an endocrinologist for a more accurate lab result. 

5. Diagnose Nighttime Vision Problems

While you are out driving at night and as you come to a stop light you notice halos or starbursts around the light coming from the traffic light? Chances are you have a nighttime vision problem. If you take an Optomap Indianapolis eye exam, we can find the proper diagnosis and help you drive better at night.  

Should one of these issues present itself, your doctor will go over the results and next steps for your prognosis. There are many benefits to getting an Optomap eye exam done every year, and if you think you might have an eye problem we recommend you take this exam so your eyesight isn’t affected. Insurance companies don’t usually cover this exam, but we recommend that you call your insurance provider to see if Optomap exams are included in your plan. 

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