4 Contact Lens Mistakes That Could Cost You!

Did you know that over 30 million people in the United States wear contact lenses? That is a large part of the population that wears contacts and the average age is 31 years old. Out of those 30 million contact lenses, it is unknown how many people follow the proper instructions on how to care for their contacts. Although this may seem easy to many, it is a large problem that can cause irritation, eye diseases and in the long run a lot of money if you do no take care of them. If you’re on the fence about contact lenses, Indianapolis Optometrists Dr. Amy Walden & Associates break down the pros, cons, and proper care of contact lenses.

Benefits of contact lenses

  • Contact lenses do not change your appearance. This is especially important for teens who did not like wearing glasses because they changed their appearance.
  • Contact lenses do not interfere with daily activities, such as sports and other activities.
  • Contact lenses can improve the ability to focus and temporarily reduce near-sightedness.
  • More natural vision.
  • There are no annoying obstructions or reflections are in view.
  • No frame slipping on your nose or pressure against your head
  • Contact lenses cannot fog up

Although there are many benefits to wearing contact lenses, if you do not properly take care of them they can become troublesome.

4 common mistakes that people who wear contacts tend to do

Wearing your contacts for longer than your eye doctor prescribed. When you are fitted for your contact lenses, your Indianapolis Optometrists will ask a serious of questions to find the right fit and wear schedule for your needs. They will then provide you with a detailed schedule of the wear time and how to take care of your contacts. About 85% of people admit to wearing them longer than they were recommended to.

Leaving your contacts in when you sleep. You should never sleep in your contacts. This deprives your eyes of oxygen, which will dry your eyes out and can cause infection. You will most likely wake up feeling like your eyes are irritated and then need to give your eyes a break. Consult your Indianapolis Optometrists if problems persist.

Cleaning your contact case. How often do you clean your contact case? Imagine all of the bacteria that can be in your case if you do not rinse it out often. It is best to use contact solution to rinse out your case, do not use only water. It is best to clean them daily.

Touching your lenses with dirty hands. Many people do not wash their hands before taking out or putting in their contacts. It should be a habit to wash your hands if you are putting them anywhere near your eyes. There are so many bacteria and germs that you are in constant contact with all day, therefore it is important to wash so this does not enter your eyes. If you do not wash your hands your eyes are at risk for infections and eye diseases.

Visit Your Indianapolis Optometrists if you are interested in making the switch to contact lenses

Wearing contacts should be an easy part of your daily life. The most important part of having them is knowing how to properly care for them. Hopefully, the tips above will help. If you have any further questions, contact Indianapolis Optometrists Dr. Amy Walden & Associates to schedule an appointment.

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