Did you Schedule Your Child’s Back To School Eye Exam?

It’s that time of year again! The summer is coming to a close, well for many of our children anyway. Each year we spend a lot of time prepping for the school year to begin. Whether it is buying all the back to school supplies and or new clothing for your child to wear. However many families neglect some of the essentials. One of the most important items that tend to be overlooked is a comprehensive Eye Exam Indianapolis.

Did you know that many children do not perform up to their potential in a classroom setting because of visual impairments? August is Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month, making this month a great time to set up your next comprehensive eye exam for your child. We offer two locations to choose from. Our Noblesville location is located in the Hamilton Town Center.  For your child’s Eye Exam Indianapolis location is located near the Glendale mall.

Do you know if your child is having trouble seeing the whiteboard in class? This could impair their vision and they may not understand what is going on in the classroom when all they may need is a pair of glasses. They are often unaware that there is such an easy fix and do not tell anyone.

Does your family have a history of vision problems? This too is a good reason to have your child’s eyes checked each year. Genetics plays a role in your overall health, but preventative care can help control these and maintain your health in the long run.

amywalden_0007_Lens_Crafters_12Does your child experience any of these items? 

  • Squinting
  • Tilting of the head
  • Sitting to close to the television
  • Blinking
  • Closing one eye to read or watch TV
  • Light Sensitivity
  • Frequent Headaches
  • Tearing
  • Rubbing Eyes

Bring Your Child In For An Eye Exam Indianapolis

When you come to see one of our Noblesville Eye Doctors, your child will feel comfortable and at ease. We have the latest in technology, which makes your child’s Eye Exam Indianapolis quicker and more comfortable for them during their exam. With Clarifye, this technology allows our eye doctors to see a fingerprint of your eye. Not only is this part of the exam under a minute, but it is also painless as well. And afterward, your eye doctor can share digital images of your eyes. Many children think this part is very interesting and they enjoy the quick procedure as well.

Tips To Protect Your Child’s Vision

There are also ways you can take care of your vision outside of the doctor’s office. Do not allow your child to be consistently on their cell phones or mobile devices. This can irritate their eyes over time and also cause their neck to experience strain as well. Use the 20, 20, 20 rule. Have them step away every 20 minutes; stare 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds. Also, encourage holding these devices far away from their face. Another preventative is to have your child cover their eyes while outdoors. Sunglasses can help block out harmful rays. We offer prescription sunglasses as well, in many brands, styles, and colors. If your child is in sports, they should be wearing protective eyewear. Goggles can protect their eyes from balls, bats and other objects that they may encounter.

As a parent, it is important to show our child how to care for their eyes at a young age. This way they can continue to do so as an adult. Including visiting the eye doctor and getting a regular Eye Exam Indianapolis. If your children will see that you are not hesitant to go to the eye doctor, they will be more excited to visit an eye doctor too. Contact Dr. Amy Walden & Associates today to schedule you and your child’s Eye Exam Indianapolis. 

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