Give Your Eyes a Break From Digital Eye Strain

Tips To Avoid Eye Strain From Westfield Eye Doctors

Many individuals have a daily routine that goes like this: Wake up and check your smartphone for emails, text, tweets, etc. Next, you might put your TV on to see the weather or news while you get ready for work. When you get to work many individuals are stuck at the computer for a full eight hours. After work, you crash and burn again with some additional TV while multitasking on your iPad or smartphone. You might not be thinking about it at the time – but with each device you are using – you are putting a strain on your eyes.

Recently, there was a survey done by the Vision Council that said  70 percent of users of digital media devices reported eye discomfort. Most of this eye discomfort is because when using these screens, we don’t blink as much and our eyes end up drying out. To help your eyes, Amy Walden and Associates Westfield Eye Doctors have some suggestions:

Tips For Eliminating Eye Strain

Limit the amount of time you spend in front of these screens

Many business professionals spend the majority of their days in front of a desktop computer. By the end of the workday itself, this can add up to six to eight hours a day! Westfield Eye Doctors recommend giving your eyes a rest and spend your time outside of the office doing activities such as exercising, cooking, or reading.

Take breaks in between usage

While using your digital device, stop your eyes from constant strain by taking a break. Go get some fresh air and get in some fitness by going for a quick walk.

Position your screens appropriately

If you are using a small screen, make sure it is positioned below eye level to get rid of the terrible glare from the screen.

Look away occasionally

If you are in the situation in which you have to use the computer, tablet, or phone all day – make sure you take a quick look around the room for 20 seconds every 20 minutes. This will break up the strain on your eye by allowing your focus to shift elsewhere – reminding your eyes to take in a few extra blinks.

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