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Indianapolis Eye Exam

What to Expect at Your First Eye Exam 

If your vision has gotten blurry, or you are getting a lot of unexplainable headaches, you should consider getting your eyes checked by a professional. Eye exams can be intimidating to some, especially if this is your first time getting your eye looked at, so here are a few things to prepare for regarding your first eye exam: 

    • Opto Map 
      At the beginning of your appointment, the nurse will take you to a small room to run a few exams before the doctor sees you. One of these exams is called an opto map. Opto map exams provide a more in-depth look at what is happening behind your eyes. This exam also provides better imaging than a typical pupil dilation exam. It is not mandatory to take this test, but it is heavily encouraged so you can maintain your eye health.

      It detects eye diseases, retinal lesions and can diagnose vision impairments that tend to happen at night. This test can determine if your eyesight damage is due to early-onset diabetes. If you take this test and get this result, we recommend talking to a cardiologist to receive an accurate diagnosis. 


    • Meeting the Doctor
      After you’ve done the tests with the nurse, you go to an examination room to see the doctor. Once the doctor comes in, they will ask a few simple questions about your vision and contacts or glasses that you may use. After that, they will have you look at a screen, and you will tell them if the image on the screen is clear or blurry.


    • Getting Results 
      When the exam is complete, your doctor will discuss your prescription and if you need to get new contacts or glasses or if you’re vision has not changed. If you don’t need a new prescription, go to the front desk and pay. If you need a new prescription, you can order your preferred method of seeing. Pay for your exam and vision aids at the front desk and call it a day. 

Services We Provide

Dr. Amy Walden and Associates is a proud user of Clarifye– a more comfortable way to do your eye exam. Clarifye is an advanced, digital eye profiler that maps out the unique characteristics of your eye. This technology works fast and doesn’t use the bulky equipment that most patients are used to. A few advantages to using Clarifye include: precise measurements, can tell the difference in day and night vision, digital measurements taking about 60 seconds, and can detect early signs of diabetes, high blood pressure, and more. Using Clarify will make your vision check-ups quicker and more accurate. ! 

We provide services for all ages. We do exams for kids and do our best to make a new experience comfortable. We recommend your child starts seeing us before they hit preschool age. Monitoring your child’s eye development is essential, and it will help us catch early vision impairment before it is too late. During the child eye exams, we also use Clarifye to get a more accurate reading of your child’s vision. 

Since Dr. Amy Walden and Associates is partnered with Lens Crafters, you can get your glasses fitted and ordered at our office. If you are looking to update your prescription or change your look, we are happy to help! You can also get fitted for your contacts– making it easy and convenient to see. 

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