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With the popularity and ease of the internet, many people are choosing to make their big purchases online. Some people are even choosing to purchase their glasses online. Getting glasses from your Nobelsville Eye Doctor ensures your glasses will fit right the first time.

Why? Even though you might have ordered classes based on your prescription and had them made specifically for you, you still need to get them fitted. If you stop by and visit Amy Walden & Associates in their Indianapolis or Noblesville Eye Doctor locations, they’ll help get those glasses fitted comfortably and effectively.

Why Visiting the Noblesville Eye Doctor Regularly Is Important

Since all glasses frames are different, they all sit differently on people’s noses. Opticians need to see if the frames you’ve bought support your lenses correctly.

Certain prescriptions have a big influence on frames due to their thickness or weight. Because of these characteristics, if your nose piece is too loose, your glasses will slide down your face! The angles that your glasses sit on your nose can influence the overall effectiveness of your glasses.

In addition to making sure your glasses lenses fit correctly, your optician needs to make sure that your lenses are properly aligned with your eyes. Although your PD (pupillary distance) measurements are usually recorded before your lenses are purchased, it’s important to make sure the specific lenses that were ordered have your correct PD. The PD measurement enables the center of your lens to align with the center of your pupil.

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For optimal vision and detection of eye issues, you should buy glasses from an eye doctor. Contact Dr. Amy Walden & Associates, your Noblesville Eye Doctor for your comprehensive eye exam and fitting upon pick up. Don’t settle for less.

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