Winter Sun

I think by now we have all got in the habit and become accustomed to grabbing our winter coats in the morning along with our scarves, hats, and mittens. For those who have little ones to bundle up in the morning, it’s even more work to bring all of their appropriate accessories too. To sum it up: It is no easy task getting out the door in the winter mornings. The main focus of our minds in these bitter cold months is to stay warm. Throughout the whole process of grabbing your winter items, do you remember your sunglasses?! If you wear glasses, but not prescription sunglasses, you should check out all the frames and styles at Fishers Eye Doctors Dr. Amy Walden & Associates office today. Contact us to learn more!

Winter Sun Is No Joke

Let’s be honest, we don’t see a whole lot of sun in Indiana in the winter. It just doesn’t happen. Typically, a lot of gray and clouds are what we get. Due to this, we don’t think about needing our sunglasses and it can easily slip our mind to grab in the morning. However, when the sun does come out, it is extremely hard for our eyes to adjust. The reflection of the sun off the snow magnifies its brightness more than any other surface. Wearing the proper eyeglass protection in the winter months will keep your eyes protected and grabbing your shades in the morning should be just as important as the hats and mittens!

Effective Protective Eyewear

It is important to be educated that when you do have your sunglasses on, that they are protecting your eyes the way they should. Because of this, we’ve broken down what you should look for when buying a pair from your Fishers Eye Doctors:

Not all pairs are required to have 100% UV protection

especially those pairs you get at the dollar store! So make sure you’re looking at labels or asking questions when buying a pair.

You want your sunglasses to have 100% UV protection

It is recommended that sunglasses should block light up to 400 nanometers – UV 400.

Goggles can be more effective than sunglasses in certain situations

There are many fun outdoor recreational activities to do in the winter when it snows such as skiing, snow tubing, snowmobiling, and sledding. Most of which will put you at a higher altitude, where the UV rays are actually stronger. When participating in these types of activities, goggles might be a better choice. They will provide protection for your eyes from the side as well as from the front; that is imperative because when the sun hits the snow it reflects back at you at many different angles. Although, they may not fit the look you are looking for with your snow gear, your eyes will see better and longer in the long run.

Visit Your Fishers Eye Doctors For Winter Eye Protection

Eye protection in the winter months is just as important as the summer. Your eyes are a beautiful organ in your body that allows you to see beauty all around. Make it a point to grab those sunglasses in the morning whether it is cloudy or sunny! Visit Dr. Amy Walden & Associates Fishers Eye Doctors to check out their wide selection of sunglasses and frames.

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