Key Benefits of Optomap

When was Your Last Eye Exam?

ocotVisiting the eye doctor has changed a lot over the years. With new technology, getting an exam has never been easier! You will be happy to hear that eye exams have gotten much easier and a bonus, much quicker for our patients. Optician Indianapolis Dr. Amy Walden & Associates use the latest and most advanced equipment when performing their eye exams. This equipment also allows for more comfort for our patient’s visits.

Our team of eye doctors uses Optomap for our comprehensive eye exams provide our patients with the best results. Optomap is a panoramic view of the retina of a person’s eye. This view displays over 80% of the retina, which is increasingly most devices out there. This type of exam is used on all patients, no matter what age.

How Does the Optomap Work?

The Optomap is quick and nothing touches your eye during this exam. When using the Optomap machine at your Optician Indianapolis appointment each eye is examined separately. As you look into the machine, you will see a flash of light. This light captures the images of your retina that your eye doctor needs within seconds. After this process, your eye doctor has multiple images of your retina, which they can share with you as well. In most Optomap exams, you may not need to have your eyes dilated, but your eye doctor will know if this is necessary, depending on the overall health of your eyes.

What Does an Optomap Detect?

A damaged retina can cause many different kinds of eye diseases. Because your Optician Indianapolis can now view an enlarged area of the retina, diseases such as Age-Related Macular Degeneration, Diabetic Retinopathy, Glaucoma, retinal detachment and high blood pressure can all be detected with an Optomap exam. Many of these diseases do not even show symptoms; therefore a yearly exam is imperative. The sooner your eye doctor detects issues, the sooner they can be treated.

Benefits of the Optomap

  • Comprehensive digital image of a patient’s eye. Patients can see their eye damage for themselves.
  • View of 200-degree angle, in the past it was below 50 degrees.
  • Early detection of many eye diseases. This protects our patients against vision loss and possible blindness.
  • Your Optician Indianapolis can see the blood vessels in your eyes. This allows your eye doctor to see signs of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and stroke.
  • Quick, easy and painless for our patients. This process takes a second, which is a time saver all around with more accurate results.
  • Safe for patients of all ages.


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The Optomap has changed the way eye exams are processed. We like to provide our patients with a comfortable environment and with the latest in technology, we ensure our patients receive the utmost care. It is very important to schedule annual exams with your Optician Indianapolis to maintain the overall health of your eyes. With this quick and easy procedure, our patients will leave their exam feeling confident that they have detailed information about their eyesight health.

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